Quilting Before Bed

To my understanding, a good sleep always depends on the material and type of bed cover present in the bed. Hence, I am more interested in the quality of quilt at all times. Just like the type of firmness of the mattress, the texture of the materials you are sewing really does impact on the final quilting result. A thicker material often results in a bulkier quilt which is good for colder nights lying in bed and quilting. However, if you are after something a little more light weight, it’s better to use a material with less threads.

I find that when I do quilting before bed it brings a good and powerful dream to give me a good nights rest. Before going to bed, I will make sure that my pillow and cover is ready to make me a comfortable throughout all stages of the night. Also, I ensure that it does not make any odd smell due to bad weather condition.

Sometimes, I feel from back pain and it will be rectified by using soft pillows. At the time of any hurt in legs, I used to have any hard pillow to support it for some point of time. If I feel more pain on my back, I used to have my guilt in the floor without any pillows. It also makes me comfort from any neck pain as well.

Learn Quilting And Surprise Your Loved Ones With Your Own Quilt

For Christmas this year we decided to bring all our families together for a large Christmas barbecue in mid December. One of the girls recently picked up a great smoker on Amazon and wanted to test out her new smoking skills to make some delicious smoked ribs. This would also give us a chance to introduce the art of quilting to our families as a a multi-layered textile that can be designed several suitable sizes and that is made of three layers of fiber. Quilting is an art which is very interesting to learn. The more you quilt the more you gain, provided the quilt should be creative and appealing. So try to learn quilting by referring and attending various classes and become an intermediate or expert in it. You can do quilt in various styles as per your wish and thoughts.

As such you need to just spend few dollars to learn it and you can gain a lot from it. Such as cost effective quilt learning is from Quilters By The Sea, which is a not for profit charitable quilters organization. Our main motto is to preserve heritage and spread their love for quilting. You can even share your quilt arts or projects with us and we will get you the popularity your deserve. By learning quilting you may even surprise your affectionate by quilting just in five minutes with what you have and presenting them, while your affectionate is having dinner in BBQ or enjoying the nature in seashore.

The various quilts you may do are baby quilts, pillow cases, mobile cases, educational quilts and many more. Quilt gives you a memorable time since it engages few people to complete a larger quilt which enhances the bonding between them and makes their relations a wealthier and closer one. The handmade quilts looks so pleasing such that the buyers love to return for getting those more, while increases your profit. It will be nice if you quilt in the evening that too in a beautiful evening on the porch relaxes and rejoices you.

Quilters Mow for Charity

It’s charity time again for Quilters By The Sea and this time we are getting our hands dirty. It’s the start of the summer and what better time to be outside and mowing the lawn. We are raising money for brain cancer research via our usual charity. We have much lawn to cover and as such will be dawning the ride on mowers for this energising task. These will be on loan from the local hardware store and will be one given away at the end of the day.

The best zero turn mowers provided are bound to help us achieve a fast and effective mowing experience. It will also place a little less stress on our ageing bodies. They are equipped with a sun protection roof and drinks holders. Great to bring a vodka martini along for the ride (joking! ;)).

This will be a fun day had by all, so far all but 10 tickets have sold meaning we are due to raise over $5000 for the day’s event. This makes us very proud to be a part of the whole organisation. Last year the Quilters by the sea undertook a speed knitting competition, however, we thought that we were due for something a little different this time.

Brain cancer is a very serious issue and effects not only many Americans, but many people around the world. Nearly 80k cases of brain cancer are detected in the US alone, with just over a quarter being  primary malignant. This is the most common cancer among those under the age of 19 and accounts for the majority of child related cancer deaths. We hope on the day we can raise more awareness of this illness and help to find a cure for those unlucky soles.

We will be mowing an area just over 5 acres in size and we will each have a portion to cover, so if you have ever wanted to see conservative elderly ladies on large machinery zooming around the yard, then this is your chance. It will be a fun afternoon for all with food and drinks supplied as well. We hope to see you all there and in the giving mood. Please contact me on the website for tickets and donations.

Little Bits & Pieces, from Scraps to Masterpiece

After spending all afternoon hidden away on your recliner in for the small room sewing, it is usual for little bits of cloth to be thrown out. One would usually keep the larger pieces, but the crumbs would normally go to the trash. This shouldn’t be the case because even scraps of cloth can be turned into a nice and comfy homemade masterpiece with quilting.

quilt_01 quilt_02

Quilting can usually involve larger pieces of cloth, which may be easier to handle, but even the crumbs after sewing should not be thrown away and can even offer versatility to the design. The pieces of cloth you have gathered over the years can be sewn into squares. Stitches can be simple since you will have to work on a lot of scrap cloth. If you want to gather scraps of the same color or shade, you may opt to do so. As you sew the squares together, you may iron them for easier handling as you build on the larger quilt.

The process is easy and requires a bit of patience, but it can be fun, entertaining, and rewarding, especially since this is a way to be creative with colors and scraps. You may also use scrap clothes of similar texture, so the result won’t be uncomfortable to use. What would really take time is gathering and stitching the pieces of cloth together, but it is definitely an eco-friendly way to lessen trash. You may end up with creatively colorful results, such as these pictured below. A jumble of mess has never looked so comfy and pretty.

quilt_03 quilt_04

Though quilts can look complicated, the process is surely easy. It may eat up a bit of your time, but it is guaranteed to be fun. You can experiment with different patterns and designs. It also adds a rustic and homey feel to your room. Now you don’t have to feel guilty throwing away all the scrap cloth because they don’t have to be scrapped after all.