Quilting Before Bed

To my understanding, a good sleep always depends on the material and type of bed cover present in the bed. Hence, I am more interested in the quality of quilt at all times. Just like the type of firmness of the mattress, the texture of the materials you are sewing really does impact on the final quilting result. A thicker material often results in a bulkier quilt which is good for colder nights lying in bed and quilting. However, if you are after something a little more light weight, it’s better to use a material with less threads.

I find that when I do quilting before bed it brings a good and powerful dream to give me a good nights rest. Before going to bed, I will make sure that my pillow and cover is ready to make me a comfortable throughout all stages of the night. Also, I ensure that it does not make any odd smell due to bad weather condition.

Sometimes, I feel from back pain and it will be rectified by using soft pillows. At the time of any hurt in legs, I used to have any hard pillow to support it for some point of time. If I feel more pain on my back, I used to have my guilt in the floor without any pillows. It also makes me comfort from any neck pain as well.

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